Immense expertise is required to select and deploy the right combination of big data technologies that can enhance operations and address specific business needs. Taking the plunge without adequate knowledge and a foolproof big data strategy often results in failure.

Ill-informed decisions and flawed deployment roadmaps can drain budgets and lower business productivity. The iCPRs team’s combined 100 years of practical oil and gas industry experience, including decades of experience in developing and applying data driven and intelligent system applications, makes our technology very unique and practical.

Team Members

Dr Shahin Negahban, Co Founder and CEO of iCPRs
Dr. Shahin Negahban

Co Founder and CEO

More than 30 years of industry and research experience in reservoir simulation and modeling the experimental aspects of EOR and phase behavior. Holds various technical and management positions in Amoco, BP and Abu Dhabi Onshore Petroleum Company (ADCO) as the VP R&D/BP Secondee.

Dr. Masoud Kalantari, Co Founder and CTO of iCPRs
Dr. Masoud Kalantari

Co Founder and CTO

More than 10 years of research and industry experience in modeling and simulation, development and application of artificial intelligence and machine learning in petroleum engineering. Former reservoir simulation engineer at Occidental Petroleum (Oxy).

Larry Murray, board member of iCPRs
Larry Murray

Board Member

More than 20 years of extensive worldwide modeling and simulation experience. Former reservoir simulation manager at Occidental Petroleum (Oxy) and early developer of commercial assisted history matching software in the early 1990s.

Dr. Sherilyn Williams-Stroud, board member of iCPRs
Dr. Sherilyn Williams-Stroud

Board Member

More than 25 years of industry experience in fracture modeling, complex fractured reservoir characterization, microseismic data interpretation. President and CEO of Confractus, Inc. Previously held positions with USGS, Chevron, Microseismic and Occidental Petroleum (Oxy).