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Self-Updating Models

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Digital Cognitive System

Due to the complexity and uncertainty typically associated with the subsurface, there is no single modeling approach that can be applied universally; rather, the integration of the artificial intelligence (AI), analytical methods and accurate reservoir simulation provides a more reliable solution and is the key to a successful life of field management.

iCPRs offers Integrated, Intelligent, Adaptive, Automated & Real Time Reservoir Surveillance and Management solutions to maximize the value of assets by developing propriety algorithms, workflows, and products.

Our software packages are equipped with the proprietary “Intelligent-SoftRobotTM” technology.

We offer practical applications of Artificial Intelligence for the Oil and Gas industry by automating, augmenting, amplifying human expertise as well as solution driven, self-learning and cognitive technology that leads to higher profitability and lower risk.

This high quality and cost-effective state-of-the-art technology provides sustainable enhanced productivity through “Smart Automation of human task-model” and Advanced Visualization, Attentiveness and Investigative to transform the current field management practices into a proactive scheme.